The Advantages of Hiring a Shredding Company

Every company, regardless of size, has to deal with sensitive papers on a daily basis. Although there is a steady movement toward a more digitized, even paperless office, businesses and organizations will continue to deal with paperwork regularly for many years to come.

However, in addition to collecting a substantial amount of paperwork in their everyday operations, the great majority of modern businesses must also decide how to properly delete this secret trash. For most offices, the choice is between managing shredding on-site DIY-style or engaging a professional shredding service to handle everything.

Please read along as we discuss and look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a shredding service, especially if you’re a company that prefers to shred in-house.

In-house Shredding


Complete document control – if you choose to handle all confidential waste in-house, you will not require the involvement of any outside services. This is fantastic if you have the time and appropriately trained employees, but not every organisation has that luxury.

Saves Money – Professional shredding services are not free, so avoiding them by processing confidential waste internally saves money. This is frequently the case with smaller businesses that produce little paper waste.

On-demand shredding – any confidential documents can be shredded on-site immediately. This brevity can help reduce the possibility of sensitive information being lost or stolen.


Inefficient resource allocation – few organizations create so little paper waste that they can manage shredding in-house. Most organizations deal with a substantial volume of paperwork that requires significant time and expense to run efficiently.

Quality and expense of an office shredder – While a simple office shredder is not expensive, it is unlikely to be able to handle the volumes of papers required by the average office. Low-cost shredders are also the least secure, allowing attackers to recover destroyed data. However, more secure industrial-style office shredders can be prohibitively expensive, with significant maintenance costs that many firms cannot afford.

Data breach risk and hefty fines – While in-house shredding gives businesses complete control over sensitive document disposal, many employees will lack the necessary training to properly handle and process sensitive documents in accordance with laws and regulations. Furthermore, improper storage of sensitive documents can raise data security concerns if paperwork isn’t shredded immediately after use.

Professional Document Shredding Service


Increased productivity – by delegating the time and effort of shredding paperwork to an external shredding service, employees can focus on more important tasks. Of course, the cost and time effectiveness of shredding are both determined by the size of the company. If your company, like most, deals with a large amount of paperwork on a daily basis, a professional shredding service is probably the best option for you.

Ensured Compliance to Regulations – compliance is ensured because not only are professional grade shredders used by shredding companies more efficient than office shredders, but their staff is also fully trained in the handling, processing, and destruction of sensitive documents.

Environmentally friendly – several companies that specialize in confidential document shredding recycle practically all of their garbage. Shredding services may help you conserve the environment while also saving your company time and money!


There aren’t many drawbacks to using a professional document shredding service. The primary drawback is the lack of economies of scale. If you run a tiny workplace, you may not have many records to get rid of. It is crucial to remember that Assured Document Destruction Phoenix also has solutions for extremely tiny enterprises. Our secure-bin service allows you to safeguard papers that we will subsequently pick up, or you may leave them off at your leisure. Of course, shredding services are not rapid, so if you need anything shredded quickly, it may be best to keep a little shredder on hand for the occasional page or two and leave the heavy shredding to us.


Hiring a professional shredding service for your shredding needs ensures that your sensitive data remains secure at all times. Assured Document Destruction offers secure document and hard drive shredding services to Phoenix businesses.

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